The 1% Girl – I Was Pushed To The Edge, I Screamed and I Flew

Being 1% better than the moment before


I was inspired to put my sentiments on print after I was given a link by one of my lovely goddess-in-training.

It was a beautiful post written by Paulo Coelho about dancing accompanied by a very wonderful video (Maurice Bejart- bolero de ravel) which was haunting and hypnotic in its simplicity.

Blog –

He has very succinctly described my feelings towards dancing and why I am immensely and everlastingly drawn to it.

It is the most basic primal instinct in us all, to move. And I think when you give in to that yearning, you give in to life.

You start to live.

You breath a little harder, you acutely feel all the bodily sensations and you embrace the elevated sense of high you feel inside.

You start to live.

You allow the music to be absorbed, into every fiber of your being. You sense the love, the tension and the explosion inside.

You start to live.

You begin to be in love again. In love with yourself. In love with Mother Earth. In love with the universe. In love with fellow beings.

You start to live.

Have you live yet today?

SensUal Joy

Lust for Life,


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Macbeth – Shakespeare in the Park

This is so gonna rock.

I can’ wait for it to materialize.

What can be better than Shakespeare in the Park? 🙂

Sadly, I have yet to read Macbeth (yes, yes I know, utterly shocking) but hey! It’s Macbeth, it’s gonna be good!

In fact, anyone keen to do a shoot like that?

Though I can’t decide if I want to be the one carrying or the one carried! LOL

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Converse Footwork 2011

So you think you can dance?

Dance competition abounds in this tiny island!

So here’s another one for you.

Get ready your fancy footwork and have a go at the prizes.

After all, what have you got to lose? 🙂

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Shakira in the House



THE ….


—- Special thanks to Phoa Kim Meng —–

Sizzling hot and unapologetic, this Shakira impersonator will tempt you to leave your seat and groove along with her.

With her risqué moves and teasing personality, you will be entranced and engaged for 20 delectable minutes. She will also pick some lucky fellows among you to satisfy your desire for some bootylicious time with her on stage.

Needs inspiration and mind-blowing action? Shakira is in the house.


—- —–

“She is a very talented dancer and a very creative and interesting choreographer. She can improvise very well and she has great speed and accuracy. Her dance has sensitivity and poise. She is very inventive and extremely strong and flexible. She is able to use body language as a powerful, expressive medium.”

– Professor John Matthews, NIE, NTU (2003)

“As a dancer, Ms Leng is skilled in basic techniques and has a showmanship that is worthy of a stage performer.”

– Sam Jay (2003)

“On stage, she is a captivating performer, and able to work with a group or as a soloist, in front of either an adult or child audience.”

– Ben Matthews, Director of Team Thirteen (2003)

“Throughout our extensive experience it is rare that we come across artiste, who exude such professionalism, and creativity that was clearly shown.”

– Jay Pereira/ Jacque Johnaton (2003)

“Don’t listen to anyone, just watch her dance, there wont be any room for words.”

– Bilal B.Z (2004)

“You didn’t disappoint me. And most important of all, all my guests were intrigued by your performance and enjoyed it very much.”

– Carmen Chong, Managing Director of Spa Boutique (2005)

—- check out !—–

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Hello !

My latest pride and joy!

It was so tedious preparing the contents for for the last two weeks and I really wanted to cry with helplessness when digging out the contents from my hard drives. How does one select which lucky pictures from the thousands that you own that should grace The sheer amount of work that went into selecting and editing were tortorous. I was encountered with the same dilemma for testimonials. What makes one testimonial better than another when all came from the heart? Oh god!!!!

At least it was not all pain and no pleasure, I was transported back to so many happy places and meaningful people who emerged from the shadows of my past to give me once again the warmth of friendship and enlightenment.

What a life you have lived Joy, what a life. 🙂

This was a really fun photo shoot and to wear a wig is even for me, a daring adventure. But I promised myself to step out of my comfort zone and to experience discomfort in the name of growth. Thank goddess I was richly rewarded! I absolutely adored this Lady Gaga inspired shoot and I hope you are having as much fun viewing the end product as I had creating it.

As my sister has remarked, I look so unreal and I loved it! Hehe….

May reminds us all to step it up and live it up. Rich fruits of labour awaits us all if we would only try.

And to all of you who believed in me, who would spend the time of day to view my work and to send kind words of encouragement and to the many photographers who have created beautiful visuals with me for the last 12 years, THANK YOU dear friends. is dedicated to you all. 🙂

Please visit and feel free to give me your feedback at Ooooowwwwoooooo!!! *winks*

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