The 1% Girl – I Was Pushed To The Edge, I Screamed and I Flew

Being 1% better than the moment before


I was inspired to put my sentiments on print after I was given a link by one of my lovely goddess-in-training.

It was a beautiful post written by Paulo Coelho about dancing accompanied by a very wonderful video (Maurice Bejart- bolero de ravel) which was haunting and hypnotic in its simplicity.

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He has very succinctly described my feelings towards dancing and why I am immensely and everlastingly drawn to it.

It is the most basic primal instinct in us all, to move. And I think when you give in to that yearning, you give in to life.

You start to live.

You breath a little harder, you acutely feel all the bodily sensations and you embrace the elevated sense of high you feel inside.

You start to live.

You allow the music to be absorbed, into every fiber of your being. You sense the love, the tension and the explosion inside.

You start to live.

You begin to be in love again. In love with yourself. In love with Mother Earth. In love with the universe. In love with fellow beings.

You start to live.

Have you live yet today?

SensUal Joy

Lust for Life,


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